A Disciplined Approach to Investing

If your portfolio’s performance is poor, so is our business. That’s why we tend to be risk-averse and holistic in our approach to investing. Instead of trying to beat a specific benchmark, we aim to make money any way we can and keep losses to a minimum.

“Devoting time and energy to make our mandates succeed isn’t just a daily task – it’s our primary business.” Michael Newton

Key Management Tenets

  • We believe strongly that long-term investing is the best way to outperform the market. Our definition of long-term investing, however, is anything but conventional.
  • We don’t believe that you need to hold a stock for many years to be considered a long-term investor. Instead, we think that long-term adherence to an investment strategy is far more important to your success.
  • We spend a great deal of time selecting great companies across sectors and regions to achieve returns on your investments.
  • We minimize your downside risk with strategic trading that involves dynamic stop-loss targets and tactical short-term positions including inverse equity positions.