Special Report

Top 10 Risks for 2018

January 9, 2018

In an effort to address “off-base-case” scenarios, we have developed a list of Top 10 Risks for 2018 to highlight issues which may prove to be sources of transient market volatility or significant risk to our overall constructive market views for this year.

In no particular order, we provide our list of top risks.

Nick Chamie, CFA
Director – Portfolio Strategy

Top 10 Risks for 2018
1. Crowded consensus views
2. Geo-political flashpoints
3. Fiscal policy misused
4. Inflation finally inflects higher
5. Central banks overtighten
6. China slowdown due to government clamp down on financial system
7. Special counsel probe of possible Russian interference in U.S. election stymies U.S. presidency
8. Oil prices decline materially
9. Speculative bubbles burst
10. Material appreciation of the U.S. dollar